welcome to recovery 5000
our goal is to provide a portal to information and organizations who are working in the field of recovery from drug
addiction. we are working hard to compile the most comprehensive list of links and resources available to date. please feel free to contribute information.
to our contact page and we will review it and post it. we are not affiliated with any particular recovery method. if it
works… great! we do not discriminate against anyone. we will share the info provided it meets one of the following
1)be actively involved in helping people recover or providing a service to those that are in recovery
2)be a government service
3)treatment center
4)detoxification center
5)outreach programs (can be for homeless only as addiction is rampant in the homeless world)
6)funeral parlors and other services that are available to the families of those who dont make it.
7)any organization that helps the recovering find jobs, or learn how to become gainfully employed
8)any organization that helps the recovering felons to deal with some of the legal ramifications of their old life
9)help withcustody
help with legal aid